Vinyasa Flow Yoga 
with Carole

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Quotes Carole was one of the best students to come through my Teacher Training programme. When I went on maternity leave with my first child, she took over covering two of my busiest classes and held the numbers wonderfully until I returned. A huge credit to her passion for teaching, likability as a person and wealth of knowledge about yoga and yoga sequencing! Quotes
Mercedes Ngoh
Vinyasa Flow Teacher, London

Quotes Everyone can feel Carole's dedication to what she does. As a former gymnast, she brings across her very creative sequencing with a lot of knowledge of muscular functions and a great deal of verbal and physical adjustments. Her classes are very genuine, playful and with a light spirit although you might leave the class with a soaking t-shirt... Quotes
Barbara W.

Quotes "Carole reaches the parts that yoga teachers can't always reach!" Or "Carole's classes are fresh, dynamic, challenging... Thank-you!" Or "Carole brings clarity and logic to postures... What a delight!" So many one liners... I could go on Quotes
Mickey A.

Quotes Carole is a wonderful teacher, always challenging, playful and prepared to push me just a little bit further! Her classes always leave me energised, humming a great tune with a smile on my face Quotes
Luke W.

Quotes I cannot think of anybody else I would like to have as my guide on this spiritual / yogi journey -- Because I do not know anybody else who loves yoga as much as Carole does, or uses it to 'express' herself. Time and again, I have observed how Carole turns to yoga to calm, energize or simply listen to herself. It is almost her starting point to gauge how she feels, much as writers say, for instance, that they need to put pen to paper to understand and work through their emotions... Her passion and belief in yoga (for it goes beyond enthusiasm) is evident: she lights up when she talks about yoga, or guides through anyone through a pose - of course it goes beyond a pose, to a place they haven't been to, before.. She is an extremely positive, a true gem of a person and a great teacher! Namaste, Carole!! Quotes
Erge H.

Quotes Carole is an incredible teacher that inspires her students to go beyond their own perceived limits. She intelligently sequences her classes to open the body, open the mind, and open to grace. Quotes
Jill N.

Quotes Perceptive and attentive, with an intuitive ability to understand the movements in your body: Carole guides you very effectively to make small adjustments that make a huge difference. Yoga with Carole is a treat: the tone and mood she sets are gracefully compassionate, harmonious, supportive, and the result is both calming and exhilarating. As a guide she is really effective in connecting you to the spirit of Yoga, which she embodies in her manner and temperament. Quotes
Chris I.

Quotes When I have yoga lesson with Carole, I feel safe and secure (especially needed with my past injuries). Carole understands body movements and makes sure that I get the most of yoga in the safest way. I know that my body is in good hands!! Quotes
Vilma V.

Quotes It was such an amazing discovery and such a surprise to feel as I felt after the first class. Carole helped me a lot in discovering sensitive parts that I didn't know before and how to explore them to feel better. I would always be grateful to her for that. Quotes
Jennifer G.