Vinyasa Flow Yoga 
with Carole

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Class Description

"To create a moving meditation" is the focus of my class which is suitable for both the beginner and experienced student alike who desire to build a challenging, invigorating and dynamic form of practice. My take on Vinyasa Flow Yoga combines elements of both creativity (Vinyasa Flow) and precision (Hatha Yoga), in addition to breathwork (Pranayama). The sequencing varies from class to class depending on the needs and energy of the students. Set to diverse, inspiring “yoga music” ranging from World Beats to Trance to New Age sounds, my classes increase both inner and outer strength, develop a sense for energies and chakra isolation-connection, while simultaneously building on flexibility. Designed with care and intention to promote wellness and strength on all levels - mental, physical and spiritual.


Yoga is well-known to improve focus, attention, and energy level - not to mention the stress-release. In short, yoga improves your performances!


Feel energised by the uplifting energy of a diverse group and enjoy a change of scenery outside of your home!

Privates - one to ones

Perfectly suited for highly busy schedules - I offer early morning, lunch, and late classes. Also for new yogis who do not feel comfortable joining a public class, and highly recommended if specific injuries whether chronic or acute.

Relates to anyone with special needs that cannot be addressed in a group class.

Studio Classes


Wednesdays: 12pm - 1pm 


The Egoist Body

6, Fitzroy Square

London W1T 5DX


£15 - discounted packages available

Private/Corporate sessions

Please contact me at [email protected] 

or give me a call 07702027701