Vinyasa Flow Yoga 
with Carole

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The Spring Selection for you...

Yogi-Pose of the Season - open your heart!

There is nothing more beautiful than being and giving love - for free.

Like the flowers opening wide with the new coming sunshine, let your heart open with trust and bliss!

Backbends not only give your chest a big stretch to help improving your breathing, they are energising and give a beautiful sense of freedom.

Magic Music

" Armand Amar (born 1953) is an Israeli-born French composer, who grew up in Morocco. [1] He won the 2010 César Award for Best Music Written for a Film for Le Concert (Radu Mihaileanu) "

The sounds are moving, vibrating, and let your energy travel to a land of beauty, hope and magnificence. Armand made the music for the famous movie "Home" and I love using his music in classes.

Brand of the season - Yoga in Style - T-shirt with fun!

US brand again - I know!! Their T-shirts are fun, loving, and comfortable.

Boring but important for Yoga at Home

Yogamatters - yoga material & accessories

You will find all the basic material (mats, props...) needed for yoga... if you need anything at all!    PS: my favorite mats are the eco ones. Plastic is ok but a little more comfort worths the investment if regular practice!

Book of the Heart Chakra 

"The Art of Loving"

by Erich Fromm

Love. Again. Love is a mystery, a feeling, an art, a constant discovery.

This book brings light as in why one shall be "standing" in love, rather than "falling" in love. 

As the practice of yoga, love needs dedication and intention with conscious awareness.

Thank you Hoda Nobakhti for sharing this book - you certainly are an angel :-)

Enough of the Green! - Date and Fig smoothie

It is rich, it is sweet (not too much:-), it has nothing to do with spring, but I just discovered it and have to share it!

- 2 to 3 cups almond milk (home-made)

- 2 to 3 dried figs

- 2 to 3 dried dates

- 1 drop of vanilla extract

- half a stick of cinnamon 

All in the Vitamix and in a few minutes, your yummy healthy breakfast is ready!

This recipe is inspired by MoonJuice in Los Angeles, of course :-)

My truly beloved Gurus


Mercedes Ngoh - Vinyasa Flow Master

LA (USA): 

Shiva Rea - Prana Flow Goddess

Annie Carpenter - Smartest Yoga Flow Guru